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ERC Advanced Grant HisTochText / Ingénieur d’Etudes Microscopie

One-year position / Ingénieur d’études sous contrat à durée déterminée

Location: CRC du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris

Gross monthly salary:  2 305,51 €

The Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) is a large institution of higher education and research, member of the Comue Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), and founding member of the Campus Condorcet project. The EPHE is established on several sites in France and French Polynesia.


1 year contract in the framework of the ERC project “History of the Tocharian texts of the Pelliot collection”. This ERC project focuses on the study of Buddhist culture in the Kucha region of the Tarim Basin (present-day Xinjiang, China) in the second half of the 1st millennium CE. For this purpose, documents in Tocharian and in Sanskrit of the Pelliot Kuchean Collection, held in the French National Library (BNF), will be studied by both historians and linguists and physicochemists.

– Within this large project, the job consists in providing information on the manuscript material constituents in order to enhance the codicological knowledge of these documents and to help classify manuscripts by combining data from studying texts (linguistics, content of texts …) and from scientific results achieved by material analysis. To do this, should be identified: tree species for documents on wooden tablets and fibers for paper documents, using mainly optical and digital microscopy techniques. Digital microscopy could also provide additional information by observing the surface of documents.


– She/He should Identify the materials (wood, paper) constituting the supports of manuscripts by microscopic techniques (optical, digital).

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– She/He should Set up a non-invasive identification and analysis & testing protocol for wood and paper substrates by microscopy.

Analyzes on manuscripts shall be conducted at the BNF (Richelieu site) using transportable equipment (several weeks planned on site). Mission preparation and data processing will be done at the Centre de recherche sur la conservation (CRC) on the site of the Museum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris. At CRC, he / she will work under the responsibility of a research scientist in strong interaction with the various researchers of the laboratory involved in this project.


– She/He should work in Multidisciplinary collaboration with physicochemists and historians specializing in manuscripts studies

– She/He should take part in international meetings

– She/He should write papers on research works



– She/He should have a Good knowledge of plant anatomy and xylology,

– She/He should have a Good working knowledge of English and particularly in the scientific field

– Great interest in studying ancient manuscripts materials would be appreciated


– Good knowledge in the identification of wood species, and possibly of paper fibers

– Strong knowledge or even mastering optical and digital microscopy techniques.

Soft skills

– She/He should be predisposed to working independently  and showing initiative while at the same time working cooperatively within the research team, and collaborative working relationships;

– She/He should be aware of health and safety rules


Initial training in sciences, graduated with a Master degree

With a Specialty in Plant Anatomy

Previous experience in the characterization of ancient manuscripts will be appreciated

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For further information, please contact:

[email protected] ,  +33 1 40 79 53 18


If you want to apply,  please email  your resume and your letter of motivation to :

[email protected] (Principal Investigator)

[email protected] (Project manager)

[email protected] (Scientific partner – supervisor)

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Post-doctoral Position on Bacteriophage Infection of Gram-Positive Bacteria

Bacteriophage SPP1, like numerous eukaryotic viruses, establishes viral factories confined at specific locations of the host cell (J. Bacteriol. 193: 4893).

The project aims to pursue:
– the study of the bacterial cytoplasm spatial reorganization during bacteriophage infection
– the identification and caracterisation of viral proteins that hijack cellular functions and their bacterial targets. Infection at different stages of the B. subtilis cell cycle will be characterized (J. Virol. 89: 2875).

The approach is interdisciplinary, combining genetics, virus engineering and genome refactoring (e.g. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112: 7009), omics, and state of the art cell imaging techniques.

Study of the genetic basis of cellular and molecular mechanisms used by bacteriophages to infect the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

The host team Bacteriophages of Gram-Positive Bacteria studies assembly of viral particles of tailed bacteriophages and infection of Gram-positive bacteria by these viruses ( ).
The team is associated to the Department of Virology at Institute of Integrated Biology of the Cell ( ) that provides a strong interdisciplinary environment for biological sciences research in the CNRS Campus of Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris region). The host Institute offers state of the art facilities for molecular biology, genomics, microbiology, advanced cell imaging, proteomics, and structural biology research.

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POST DOCTORAL POSITION – Steam-air permeability of cracks

  • Scientific Context
  • The proposed work will be done within the context of the extension of the French program MACENA whose purpose was to impulse significant progress in the modeling and numerical simulation of the safety of nuclear vessels under a potential accident. The MACENA program allows the community to better understand the effects of temperature and relative humidity on the instantaneous and delayed behavior of concrete [1]–[4], to make significant progress in the computation of the permeability to gas or water of concrete, even when cracked [5]–[8]. Unfortunately, this program wasn’t able to extend the problems of permeability to vapor. MACENA program is prolonged to MACENA-2 in the purpose of extending the knowledge of phenomena acting during an air vapor mixing through cracked concrete.

    The MACENA-2 project puts in synergy 4 teams:

    • EDF research is in charge of the numerical modelling in relation with the other teams. EDF will improve an existing finite element code during this project.
    • University of Bordeaux whose purpose is to observe the phase changing during the flow at a small scale using a transparent porous.
    • University of Pau & Pays Adour is will perform some experiment at the decimetric scale on perfect planes and real cracks on concrete at high temperature.
    • University of Grenoble will do some neutron radiography of flow experiment through cracked concrete

    II. Objectives

    The objectives of the proposed work are :

    • To perform scientific experiments of air-vapor flow through cracked concrete.
    • To understand the coupling between thermal exchanges, phase changes and flow in this context
    • To establish pertinent elements, parameters in order to model the observed phenomena and to do numerical simulations.
    • To publish the results
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    III. Plan de travail / Work plan

    An experimental setup with radial flux will be designed, the complexity of the crack walls will progress from a perfect plane to a real crack. The concrete parts will be heated at different temperatures in order to change the condensation conditions and study their effects. The flow will be measured at the input of the setup and the liquid flow will be collected and measured at the output.

    IV. Literature References

    [1] H. Kallel, H. Carré, C. La Borderie, B. Masson, et N. C. Tran, « Effects of the Hygrothermal Conditions on the Fracture Energy of the Concrete », in Key Engineering Materials, Milano, Italy, 2016, vol. 711, p. 397‑403.

    [2] H. Kallel, H. Carré, C. La Borderie, B. Masson, et N. C. Tran, « Effect of temperature and moisture on the instantaneous behaviour of concrete », Cem. Concr. Compos., vol. 80, p. 326‑332, juill. 2017.

    [3] H. Kallel, H. Carré, C. Laborderie, B. Masson, et N. Cuong Tran, « Evolution of mechanical properties of concrete with temperature and humidity at high temperatures », Cem. Concr. Compos., vol. 91, p. 59‑66, août 2018.

    [4] F. Barre et al., Control of Cracking in Reinforced Concrete Structures: Research Project Hoboken, NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016.

    [5] M. Matallah et C. La Borderie, « 3D Numerical Modeling of the Crack-Permeability Interaction in Fractured Concrete », in Framcos’9, Berkeley, California, USA, 2016.

    [6] G. Rastiello, C. Boulay, S. Dal Pont, J. L. Tailhan, et P. Rossi, « Real-time water permeability evolution of a localized crack in concrete under loading », Cem. Concr. Res., vol. 56, p. 20‑28, févr. 2014.

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    [7] G. Rastiello, S. Leclaire, R. Belarbi, et R. Bennacer, « Unstable two-phase flow rate in micro-channels and cracks under imposed pressure difference », Int. J. Multiph. Flow, vol. 77, p. 131‑141, déc. 2015.

    [8] D. E.-M. Bouhjiti et al., « New continuous strain-based description of concrete’s damage-permeability coupling », Int. J. Numer. Anal. Methods Geomech., vol. 42, no 14, p. 1671‑1697, oct. 2018.

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    Researcher position in optical spectroscopies at the single-molecule level.

    – Participate in the assembly and then use a tunneling microscope operating under UHV and at low temperature (5k)
    – Participate in the assembly and then use the optical device for luminescence and Raman measurements
    – Conduct your research theme in interaction with the other members of the team
    – Participate in the supervision of students in PhD and Master 2

    The candiate will combine two experimental approaches within the same instrument: tunneling microscopy-induced luminescence and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. The objective is to compare the respective capabilities of these two methods to probe the vibrational properties of nanoscopic objects and to establish a new form of optical microscopy resolved at the atomic scale.

    The recruited researcher will integrate the STM team of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials of Strasbourg, located on the campus of Cronenbourg,The research themes developed by the STM team focus on the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of nanoscopic objects, such as atoms or single molecules. The project is part of the APOGEE ERC developed within the STM team, whose research theme is directly related to the optical process involved in an STM junction. The recruited candidate will work under the responsibility of the ERC Project Manager.Deadline for submission of applications: 31/10/2018

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