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Fulbright Scholarships

2019 Application Cycle: February 1st 2018 – July 15th 2018

This is Fulbright

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission offers Scholarships to Australian citizens across all career stages. Awardees take part in a bi-lateral academic and cultural exchange, pursuing research or study at a U.S. institution, experiencing life in the United States of America, and bringing back their knowledge and experience to share with their communities in Australia.

A Fulbright award is more than a Scholarship – it is, in the words of Senator Fulbright, a means of fostering “leadership, learning, and empathy between cultures… It is a modest program with an immodest aim – the achievement in international affairs of a regime more civilised, rational and humane than the empty system of power of the past.”

Fulbright Qualities

Australian Fulbright Scholarship recipients are interviewed and selected by panels of experts from academia, government, professional organisations and the U.S. Embassy. The panels are looking for the following attributes:

High academic and professional merit
Fulbrighters have a record of high achievement in their chosen field, showcased through academic records, professional standing and recognition, as well as a through publications, exhibitions, performances, public lectures, or presentations.

Strong program proposal
Successful applicants propose a program that is feasible within the allocated time and is relevant / beneficial to their chosen field. Program proposals should identify:

  • An educational component of study and/or research;
  • Clearly defined goals to be achieved as part of the proposed research, and the unique role of the United States and its institutions in achieving these goals;
  • The relevance and value of the proposed program in furthering mutual understanding and institutional partnerships / collaboration between the United States and Australia;
  • A clear and specific plan to achieve the proposed program.

Defined potential outcomes
Further to the above, the proposed program proposal should:

  • Define the potential benefits to the applicant’s institution, profession, employer and/or industry;
  • Outline how results and/or outcomes will be disseminated;
  • Outline the long-term linkages and collaborations that may be established at a personal, industry, academic and professional level.

Ambassadorial skills
The Fulbright program is unique in its exchange nature and ambassadorial emphasis – Fulbrighters are chosen on their ability to promote mutual understanding between Australia and the United States. Successful candidates also demonstrate their willingness to share their knowledge on return, and to productively build ongoing partnerships and linkages.

For examples of current and past awardees and their Fulbright supported projects, please visit ourCurrent Scholar andAlumni pages.

Which Fulbright is right for me?

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission offers scholarship opportunities to Australian citizens across various academic and career stages. Click on the links below to access information for each category; including opportunities available.

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships allow postgraduate students undertaking their Australian PhD to conduct research in the U.S. for 3-10 months


Supports enrolment in a graduate degree program (e.g. a Master’s) for 10 months up to two-years.

Fulbright Postdoctoral scholarships allow individuals to undertake postdoctoral research in the U.S. for 3 – 10 months, who have completed their PhD in the past 5 years. Fulbright Scholar Awards are for academics (at Associate Professor or Professorial level) and mid-career professionals (with an undergraduate qualification and minimum 10 years work experience) to undertake research and/or training in the United States for 3-4 months in any discipline. The Fulbright Distinguished Chair award is for an exceptional individual at professorial level to carry out research in the United States for up to 6 months. 

Eligibility and Conditions

To qualify for a Fulbright scholarship through the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, you must meet and/or be aware of the following requirements:


  • Are an Australian citizen (by birth or naturalisation)
  • Do not hold dual US-Australian citizenship or U.S. permanent residency (Green Card)
  • Be a resident in Australia at the time of application (exceptions: applicants serving overseas in the Armed Forces, Australian diplomats posted overseas)


  • Fulbright Scholars must travel on a valid Australian passport
  • Fulbright scholarships are contingent upon the candidate’s ability to secure and travel to the U.S. on an Exchange Visitor non-immigrant visa (J-1 visa) (administered by Commission) inclusive of medical clearance and security processes.
  • The J-1 visa carries a 2 year home-residency requirement (clause 212e), meaning recipients must return to Australia for a cumulative total of two years at the end of their program before becoming eligible to apply to live/work in the United States. Clause 212e is in keeping with the exchange nature of the Fulbright program and encourages recipients to return to Australia to share their knowledge and experiences. J1 recipients will not be prohibited from travelling to the U.S. for short-term visits on the visa waiver program, or on a non-immigrant visa. Clause 212e does not prohibit scholars from gaining residency or work visas in other countries (e.g. the United Kingdom).

Previous J-1 Visas/Programs

If you have previously held a J-1 visa and subsequent DS-2019, please upload it with your application. Please be aware that if clause 212e or the 24-month bar is in effect from a previous J-1, you will be unable to accept the Fulbright award, should it be offered to you, within the 24-month/212e period. Scholarships cannot be deferred until the 24-month/212e period has passed.


  • Not have already commenced studies/ research in the U.S.
  • Be prepared to commence your program in the following financial year (e.g. apply in 2018 to commence program between July 1st 2019-June 30th 2020).
  • Secure placement with a primary U.S. host institution (please note, this is not a requirement at the time of application for Postgraduate students). Scholarships are conditional on acceptance to an approved institution for a period of research or course of study.
  • Not hold another grant during your Fulbright program if it duplicates funding received from Fulbright during the scholarship period. Funding and grants must be declared at the time of application and/or award acceptance and are subject to approval.
  • Fulbright scholarships cannot be deferred.
  • Medical professionals can apply for a Fulbright Scholarship to undertake medical research, but such research should not be directly involved with clinical practice.
  • Recipients must be in Australia to attend the Fulbright Orientation Program and Gala Presentation Dinner, which runs late February/ early March annually.


  • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent at the time of application. Postgraduate applicants in the final semester of their degrees will also be eligible (pending good academic standing). Postdoctoral candidates will also be considered if they can provide a letter from their adviser that outlines the PhD will be conferred prior to July 1 2019. 
  • For undergraduate students yet to graduate – please upload a university transcript of your academic performance to date showing your credit points obtained. Please note this must be accompanied by a signed letter from your university stating you are on track to graduate in the year of application.
  • Postgraduate and Anne Wexler applicants may be required to pass GRE testing, dependent on host institution requirements. Successful applicants will be provided with a voucher to cover the costs of testing.
  • Applicants whose primary language is not English may be required to provide language proficiency test results at the time of application.

Previous Fulbrighters

Preference will be given to candidates who have not had previous Fulbright grants. However, recipients of a Fulbright grant are eligible to receive another Fulbright grant five years after the date of completion of the previous grant.  (FSB Guidelines 725.2)

Extra information for Postgraduate Applicants can be viewed Here
Apply Now

  • Prior to applying, we strongly encourage applicants to read the Eligibility & Conditions section of this applicant’s page, and the FAQs
  • Applications must be completed and submitted via an online portal. Applications emailed or posted to the Commission cannot be considered.
  • To discuss your application aspirations with someone in your area, please consider reaching out to our Campus Advisers .
  • Download the Australian Applicant checklist  to include with your application.
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Postgraduate Applicants:
Clickhere to check your eligibility, then download the2018-19 Student instructions  to complete your application


Postdoctoral, Professional, Scholar Award and Distinguished Chair Applicants:
 Clickhere to check your eligibility, then download the 2018-19 Scholar instructions  to complete your application
Application Timeline
Applications Open February 1
Applications Close July 15 at 11:59pm (AEST)
Applications are reviewed by Selection Committees and selected applications progress to interview
Interviews  August – October
Applicants notified of outcome December 1
Formal awarding of successful applicants at Gala Presentation Dinner (awardee attendance compulsory) February/March the following year
The Interview Schedule will be posted here in early 2018. 

All applicants must be available for interview, either in person or via Skype dependent upon location and scheduling.

Interview FAQs

What happens to my application after submission?

Your application will be reviewed for eligibility per the checklist at the bottom of the application instructions. Eligible applications are then reviewed by discipline-based committees to decide whether your application will proceed to interview.

Who is on the interview panel?

The interview panels are composed of Australian and American experts in a variety of fields of study with a sound understanding of the Australian Fulbright Program’s ethos and goals.

Does the Fulbright Program provide any orientation for grantees before leaving for the U.S.?

Yes, an annual (late February/early March) pre-departure orientation is held in Canberra for all awardees.

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Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Food Systems and Security

Funding Body:

ARC Linkage Project, University of Sydney and TAFE NSW


Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Food Systems and Security

Research Areas:

Humanities & Social Sciences


Postgraduate Research


An opportunity is available for two outstanding PhD scholars to conduct research into the relationship between social enterprise and food security in the City of Sydney. The successful recipients will join a large research team working on a project with multiple partners, and will focus on one of the following two projects:

I.    An examination of how to best use social enterprise models to engage with disadvantaged communities, or

II.    A comparative study of how different economic policy environments across Australia have worked to enable or constrain the development of food-related social enterprisesThis Scholarship is supported by a grant from ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship.

Both scholars would also contribute to the larger project and the operations of the City’s incubator program, FoodLab Sydney.

This Scholarship is funded by a grant from ARC Linkage Project, University of Sydney and TAFE NSW.



a. The Scholarship is offered subject to applicants having an unconditional offer of admission or being currently enrolled in full-time studies in a PhD at the University of Sydney within the:

I.            Department of Government and International Relations, or

II.           Department of Media and Communications.

b. Applicants must also hold at least one of the following:

I.            an Honours degree (First Class or Second Class upper), 

II.           a Master’s degree at high academic standard (e.g. conferred with Distinction) with a substantial research component, or

Check out  Student: After School Driver/Caretaker for Child

III.          an equivalent qualification in Political/ International Relations, Media/Communications, or a closely related discipline.

c. Applicants must also demonstrate engagement with issues related to food systems, food politics/policy, food security and/or social enterprise.

Selection Criteria:

a. The successful applicant will be awarded the Scholarship on the basis of:

I.            academic merit,

II.           curriculum vitae,

III.          feedback from three academic referees, and

IV.          a personal statement which demonstrates their experience and interest in food policy studies.

b. The successful applicant will be awarded the Scholarship on the nomination of the relevant research supervisor(s) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney.

Amount awarded:

The Scholarship will provide an annual stipend allowance equivalent to the minimum Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship rate (indexed on 1 January each year) for up to three years, subject to satisfactory academic performance.  No extensions will be granted.  

Application guide:

For further information, please refer to the terms and conditions .

Applications for this scholarship can be made through the Online Application Form .

Closing date:

01 January 2019


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Testing Intern (2 positions available)

Perth, WA

Woodside are offering several ACS Foundation Work Integrated Learning (WIL) scholarships / internships to work and learn in a dynamic and leading edge Digital environment.

Woodside is an Australian oil and gas company with a global presence, recognised for its world class capabilities as an explorer, a developer, a producer and a supplier. We are Australia’s most experienced LNG operator and largest independent oil and gas company. We are pioneering the application of advanced analytics and cognitive computing in our operations to leverage our collective knowledge and to support operational excellence.

Woodside recognises the value of diversity as a competitive advantage and strives to create a working environment where everyone feels free to bring their full selves to work every day.

The Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance (AASQA) at Curtin University is an Australian social innovation initiative with the vision of harnessing the special talents of people with Autism Spectrum for the collective benefit of these individuals, the industry and the wider community. The mission of the AASQA is to enable individuals with Autism Spectrum to leverage their unique talents through outreach, training and educating, and graduate programs, so as to create pathways from schools to valued, long-term employment; whilst addressing the business needs of the Australian ICT industry facing challenges in attracting and retaining software and quality assurance testers within the sector.

Woodside the ACS Foundation and AASQA are in partnership to continue the Australia’s Specialist ACS Foundation WIL scholarships for undergraduates with Autism Spectrum and related conditions.

Internship Description:

As an intern, you will work on a real project (or a few) and have the opportunity to enjoy our dynamic and innovative environment.

Check out  Student Counsellor

• Monitoring of data ingestion pipelines and processes
• Completeness, Quality, Timeliness etc
• Consistent implementation of daily monitoring and testing processes
• Responding to alerts and alarms from software failure and disruptions
• Manage and escalate identified issues and non-conformities
• Testing of Data Software and platform solutions
• Ensure comprehensive test coverage by finding bugs, defects and verifying fixes
• Investigate test failures and customer reports using your technical understanding of the product or tools
• Improve processes and regimes to get great accuracy and consistency in surveillance and testing

The working environment will be inclusive by investigating and accommodating the individual needs of the interns in terms of their working conditions prior to and during their employment.

Required Skills/Knowledge:

  • Possess knowledge of software engineering processes and tools (for example programming proficiency in languages, preferably Scala, Java, Python, .Net, SQL etc) algorithms and data structure
  • Enjoy working digital centric environment
  • A passion for using information technology and an eagerness to obtain practical experience within a supportive work environment.
  • Ability to meet work deadlines
  • Willingness to working well with others
  • Attitude – enthusiastic, punctual/ reliable, professional. 

Qualifications – Australian University Degree 

Actively pursing a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics or a related field.

All WA undergraduate students on the Autism Spectrum and related conditions are welcome to apply for this scholarship opportunity. 

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Melbourne Graduate Scholarships

Melbourne Graduate Scholarships

The Melbourne School of Design offers a variety of fee remission scholarships to high achieving international students applying to eligible courses, covering a 25% or 50% fee remission.

Application type

No application is required. You will be automatically considered for this award.

Benefit type

Fee remission
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

International student

Total value

25-50% fee remission

Applicable study areas

Architecture, building and planning

Number of scholarships awarded

Approximately 4

  • Eligibility & selection criteria

    To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:

    • be enrolled as a full-time student in an eligible postgraduate coursework degree
    • obtain and hold a valid visa (as determined by the Department of Immigration)
    • meet the satisfactory academic performance requirements for each semester of the course
    • be available for promotional activities and able to represent the Melbourne School of Design

    Eligible courses

    • Master of Architecture
    • Master of Architectural Engineering
    • Master of Construction Management
    • Master of Landscape Architecture
    • Master of Property
    • Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage
    • Master of Urban Design
    • Master of Urban Planning

    Selection criteria

    Selection is based on academic merit and will be offered to students with highest ranked entry score (calculated based on University of Melbourne admissions policy and procedures) as well as other requirements (i.e. Portfolio and personal statement).

What are the benefits?

A 25% or 50% fee remission scholarship.

Interested in an undergraduate Melbourne Scholarship? Register now

Get more on scholarships and other information to help you succeed at the University of Melbourne.

or call 13 MELB (13 6352)
International: +61 3 9035 5511

For complete listings of faculty-specific scholarships, please see individual faculty websites.

The information listed here is subject to change without notice. Where we have listed information about jointly run scholarships programs, please also see our partners’ websites. Information describing the number and value of scholarships awarded is indicative.

  • About Scholarships
  • Browse all scholarships
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Student stories
  • Make a donation
  • Australia Awards
  • Contact us

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