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PhD Studentship: The Characteristics of Ground Based Pollutant Flux Measurement

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Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences
Location:  Guildford
Post Type:  Full Time
Advert Placed:  Thursday 23 November 2017
Closing Date:  Monday 29 January 2018
Reference:  095817

Centre for Aerodynamics & Environmental Flows

A particularly important application of combined ground based meteorological and atmospheric pollutant concentration measurements is the evaluation of emission rates from a range of industrial and other sources. For example, losses to the atmosphere from leaks at chemical process plant are notoriously difficult to quantify yet have a major impact on plant operations, safety and environmental impact. For a number of practical reasons, measurements are generally made close to sites of interest where the flow field tends to be complex, making interpretation on measurements difficult and potentially introducing large uncertainty into estimates of loss rates. Understanding and reducing these uncertainties lies at the heart of improved measurement techniques.

The overall aim of the proposed research is to develop a better understanding of the nature of the concentrations measured by Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) and other path-integrating instruments, and how these relate to the well understood physics of point concentrations. The work will also address issues that arise from the complexity of the wind fields in which pollutant flux measurements are often conducted and the uncertainty that accrues in derived emission rates. Both laboratory (wind tunnel) and field work (NPL DIAL) will be used to investigate these issues. The scientific understanding derived from this work will lead to protocols and quality assurance guidance for field work that take account of the complexity of the flow field and are intended to minimise as far as possible the uncertainty in field estimations of pollutant fluxes, as well as giving some indication of the level of those uncertainties.

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The research will address flows of increasing complexity so that the uncertainty can be related to the flow conditions and optimal methods and procedures identified. The work will make extensive use of the University of Surrey EnFlo wind tunnel, which can be used to simulate the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere under a wide range of flow and emission conditions. There will also be opportunities to join the NPL team in field work that will provide test cases that can later be modelled and investigated in detail at wind tunnel scale. Experimental work will be supported by analysis and computational studies.

The Environmental Measurement Group at NPL provides high quality, pollution monitoring and analysis research and measurement services. It has long-established, expert knowledge of the use of remote sensing techniques to solve complex atmospheric measurement problems. NPL has invested over £1M in a new mobile research facility that is being used around the world to identify and quantify methane, non-methane VOCs and benzene fugitive emissions from a wide range of commercial facilities, including gas facilities, refineries, steel works and landfill sites. The information obtained with DIAL measurements allow site operators to identify significant fugitive emission sources informing operational efficiency, reducing losses and supporting research and policy developments.

The Aerodynamics & Environmental Flow Research Group in the University of Surrey Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences (MES) has an excellent collaboration network with leading research groups in the UK and internationally. The student will benefit from links with other projects current in the research group, in particular MAGIC (managing air in green inner-cities);

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In working with leading scientists at both NPL and the University, the student will gain detailed knowledge of flow and dispersion in the atmosphere, and the wind tunnel and field methods used to investigate the underlying physical processes. Knowledge will be broadened by association with other projects in progress at the NPL Environmental Measurement Group and at EnFlo, as well as through the Scenario programme as a whole.

This project has been selected for funding by the SCENARIO panel. The process is still competitive: twice as many projects have been selected than the funding allows- the final selection will depend on the quality of the individual applicants. 

This project is funded through the SCENARIO Doctoral Training Partnership, a collaboration between NERC, the University of Surrey and the University of Reading.

To apply, please visit 

Competition Funded Project (European / UK students only).

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PhD Scholarships

PhD positions at The University of Warwick : Biological Sciences/Synthetic biology (# of pos: 4)

Our group is offering PhD positions for 2018-2019 academic year.  These studentships are hosted by The University of Warwick Doctoral Training Centres 

 Details below

1) PhD project title: Engineering microbial chemical factories to produce renewable and modified biomaterials. 

PhD is hosted via MIBT Partnership

Research Area  : Synthetic biology, Organocatalysis, Structural biology and enzymology

Link :-

2) PhD project title: Development of novel halogenase enzymes for biopharmaceutical applications.

PhD is hosted via MIBT Partnership

Research Area : Synthetic biology, Organocatalysis, Structural biology and enzymology

Link :-

3) PhD project title: Expanding the genetic lexicon: Developing novel tools for non-natural amino acid incorporation in to therapeutic peptides and proteins.

PhD is hosted via SynBIO DTC 

Research Area : Synthetic biology, Organocatalysis, Structural biology and enzymology

Link :-

4) PhD project title:  Bioplastics from E. coli

PhD is hosted via SynBIO DTC

Research Area : Synthetic biology, Organocatalysis, Structural biology and enzymology

Link :-

Applications are encouraged from UK, EU and International students.

Please be aware that International (non EU) applicants are not eligible for EPSRC/BBSRC funded studentships.

To be eligible for a full EPSRC/BBSRC award (Tuition fees and Stipend) a student must have:

  • Settled status in the UK, meaning they have no restrictions on how long then can stay and
  • Been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the studentship. This means they must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences) and
  • Not been residing in the UK wholly or mainly for the purpose of full-time education. (This does not apply to UK or EU nationals).

To be eligible for an EPSRC/BBSRC tuition fees only award:

  • Students from EU countries other than the UK are generally eligible for a fees-only award. To be eligible for a fees-only award, a student must be ordinarily resident in a member state of the EU, in the same way as UK students must be ordinarily resident in the UK.

Interested students with research experience and qualification please contact us directly.

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France Scholarships

PhD position in quantum optimal control theory at the University of Bourgogne

This PhD project aims at applying innovative mathematical tools coming

from optimal control theory to improve theoretical and experimental techniques

in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), in Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and in NV

centers. This approach will allow us to explore and to experimentally reach the

physical limits of the corresponding spin dynamics in presence of typical

experimental imperfections and limitations. A first objective will be to

develop new optimal control algorithms able for an inhomogeneous ensemble of

spins to maximize the signal to noise ratio per unit time of the system. A

general problem is to generalize the Ernst angle solution used in NMR, which is

only valid for a homogeneous spin ensemble. This work will be done in

collaboration with the group of S. Glaser (TUM, Munich, Germany). This approach

will find different applications in NMR and ESR where the sensitivity of the

experiment is a crucial parameter. The student will focus on a specific

experimental setup in ESR used by the group of P. Bertet (CEA, Paris Saclay),

where an important goal is the maximization of the emitted signal of spins

coupled to a microwave resonator. The student will take into account in the

numerical computation specific constraints of this experimental setup. In the

same direction, the student will also use optimal control techniques to design

new CMPG sequences accounting for the coupling between the spins and the

cavity. The same types of control techniques will also be used for manipulating

NV ensembles in collaboration with the group of T. Debuisschert (Thalès,

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Paris). This will allow the improvement of the sensitivity of the corresponding

experiments. For a more fundamental point of view, the ESR will investigate the

numerical techniques used to design robust control fields with respect to

experimental imperfections. A first objective will be to understand the

efficiency of these methods and to prove the optimality (this concept will be

to define rigorously) of the control fields. The ESR will mainly study spin

systems but it is clear that the results of this project will not be restricted

to the physical systems investigated and the techniques developed during the

PhD could be applied to other physical systems with similar properties.

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Israel Scholarships

Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) META-CAN – PhD position in Computational biology to…

The Machine Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences group at IBM Research – Haifa is a partner in the funded Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) META-CAN. The network is a pan-European interdisciplinary and intersectoral training programme for excellence.  It brings young researchers together with world-leading academics, clinicians, and industry personnel to focus on the connections of metabolism, immune response, and cancer.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly-motivated early stage researcher (ESR), with a background and experience in computational biology, machine learning and/or statistics and good programming skills (preferably in Python or R). This ESR will study towards a PhD degree and, under our guidance (and in collaboration with the Technion Integrated Cancer Center), will analyze comprehensive omics data to better understand the metabolic adaptations of cancer cells to the central nervous system niche.

The right candidate will enjoy a competitive salary and outstanding work environment.

For more details see  or contact [email protected]

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